Web Module to be released fourth quarter 2000


        Sigma Consultants, Inc. is currently developing a Web based module that may be implemented alongside its main system The Administrator.  The features of this module, scheduled to be fully released fourth quarter 2000, were originally intended for enquiry only, but as its clients have perused the Web and discovered other sites, Sigma Consultants, Inc. has taken into account particular requests.  The current and prospective programs to be included in the Web based module are shown below: 

        All of these programs can only be accessed via a protected password and will only be allowed to access a group or groups that are attached to their security profile.

Benefits:    user may enquire on Plan or unique benefits and specifications

Enrollment:    user may run an enrollment list; user may amend individual information, add or terminate enrollees

Group Billing:    user may run a pre-bill or an updated bill; user may view Premium Enquiry

Certificate Billing:    user may run a pre-bill or an updated bill; user may view Premium Enquiry

Producer Enquiry:    each agent will be able to view certain group data for which they are the Agent of record; each agent will be able to view premium and commission history for their cases

        In the future, there will be the ability to view claims and post premium (i.e. EPT) via the Web.


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